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"I found out about Elite Manuscripts from a colleague. At the time I was working on an important thesis which I felt was already pretty good, but I had Dr. Chi look over it anyway. I'm so glad I did! She caught things that I didn't even think about but that definitely took away from the flow and impact of my paper. The cost was already reasonable, but I would have even paid more had I known how much of a difference her input would make (I literally felt like a boss submitting my final work). Many thanks to Phoebe, and I will certainly be back with my manuscript."

D. Lin, PhD – University of Texas

"I used Elite Manuscripts for proofreading, and it was a great experience. I was impressed by Dr. Chi's credentials and was confident that the work would be high quality...and she did not disappoint. She delivered on time, with (amazingly) no extra fees for super fast service, and she suggested great examples in rewriting and had a very creative way of thinking - just precisely what I needed. I hands down recommend Dr. Chi for anyone looking for amazing professional proofreading."

A. Chan, MD – University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

"I used the copyediting service for my PhD dissertation. I highly recommend Dr. Chi for the following reasons-1. She delivered the edited document way ahead of schedule, 2. Her edits and notes were really helpful and I learned a lot going forward, and 3. The price was great compared to other scientific editing services. I would definitely recommend Phoebe and Elite Manuscripts for all your needs!"

B. Young, PhD – University of London, U.K.

"I had such a great experience with Elite Manuscripts. Every comment and suggestion Dr. Chi left me helped me to not only improve the quality of my manuscript but my writing skills overall. She wouldn't just make corrections--she would explain her rationale which helped me understand how to change things next time. This is my first time using Elite Manuscripts' services and I am very satisfied. I definitely will come back to Dr. Chi next time I need an editor to proofread or to edit my work. You have done an excellent job, thank you! "

H. Khan, MBBS – Tulane Medical Center

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