About Our Free Sample Editing Service

If you are new to Elite Manuscripts and wonder how we would edit your paper, we offer a one-time free, no-obligation sample edit. To receive this complimentary sample edit, your document needs to be at least 5000 words in length. We will ask you to send us your full document for review, so that we can start at the beginning and get to know and understand the flow of your paper. Our sample edit usually consists of approximately 300 – 500 words, depending on the length of your document.

Why Sample Edits are Beneficial

1) To Demonstrate What Your Edited Work Will Look Like: The sample edit shows you what you can expect from our services. We want to ensure that we meet your needs and that you accept and approve the edit before we begin.

2) Assessing the Scope of Work: For us to provide you an accurate quote, sample edits are indispensable. By personalizing your quote to only include the editing services that your document actually needs, we are able to offer individualized rates that are both competitive and affordable.  

Reviewing Edits

We prefer to edit in Microsoft Word so that we can track the changes and that you can see all the edits. Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature shows you all the changes that your editor recommends. With the changes highlighted, you can review the edits and “Accept All Changes” after you have rejected changes you do not agree with. The Track Changes feature also provides a means for us to annotate and comment in the margin on any potentially significant changes, explain our suggested changes, ascertain that we have understood the meaning should there be any ambiguity in the original wording, or call out or flag a potential problem—such as lack of clarity or the need to add more data.

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